When does the event start?
Thursday the 27th of august 2020 from  2:00PM

Are there any tickets left?
The Phoenix Fire Convention is not sold out and you can safely travel there and buy a ticket at the door. 

Are there daily tickets?
We all wanna spend a fews days together and comin slowly into the phoenixfeeling.  If you want to, comin just for one day you have to pay also the full ticket price.

Are there discounts for children or wheelchair users?
Yep. Children up to 12 years have free admission (do not forget ID!). Wheelchair users and accompanying person get two tickets for the price of one.


I would like to help! What can I do?
Nothing easier than this! As soon as you see garbage, clean it up!
We are also happy if you want to support us with your skills!
Write directly to: helfer@phoenix-convention.com

Will I be able to sleep peacefully at night?
Since this is a fire convention, the Firespace  not stop before sunrise and the music will be heard on campsite.
If you are particularly sensitive when sleeping, please bring a pair good ear plugs or you camp more on the edge of the campsite.

What does the food look like?
You have the opportunity to buy food at different vendors on location.
There will be a Mutzbratenstand but also vegan vendors.

You also have the opportunity to drive by car or bus to the close city Hildburghausen, 8km away, where you can buy everything you need at the supermarket.


We do not tolerate any racist or fascist ideas at the Phoenix Fire Convention. Who does not get will be kicked out, should not come in the first place! 
Should you hear racist comments from someone, do not hesitate to let us know. Our friendly security will take care of it immediately.

Supporter of the Phoenix Fire Convention

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