As always the convention will take place at Lange Heide in Thurungia Mountains.


Lange Heide
Schleusinger Str.  
98646 Hildburghausen

Coordinates:   50.444737, 10.735453  

Overnight stay:

You have the possibility to spend the night with your tent, caravan or car at the campsite.

Please keep in mind that there is no electricity at the campsite and unfortunately we can not provide your caravan with energy!

Please keep the campsite clean and take care of your environment!

There is also a hotel in about 15 minutes walk!
You can book hotel rooms on the website of the hotel, husch husch if there are still free rooms:

You also can find all the hotels close to the venue on this website.
City Hildburghausen

Arrival tips:

If you are flying to Germany by plane then try to fly to Munich, Berlin or Nuremberg. 
From these cities you can take the train to Hildburghausen (city close to the location) but it will take up to 4 hours.
 From Hildburghausen main station you can walk 40 minutes or take a taxi to reach the location.

If you travel by train then head to Hildburghausen train station.
From the train station to the location (4km).
You can have a nice walk with friends or you take a Taxi to the new Location.

03685 700349 

Taxi 2
03685 700455 

Taxi 3
 03685 406300    


Bergsee Ratscher:

Only 15 minutes away from the location you will find the mountain lake Ratscher.

For only 4€ day ticket you can use the water slide and the wonderful sandy beach and cool off from the fiery nights.

Am Bergsee 40, 98553 Schleusingen, Germany

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