The Phoenix

A mystical fire bird that has found its place in many stories and legends for millennia. What could symbolize this primal force, this primordial spirit of life and change, better than the Phoenix? 

Legend has it

At the end of its long life it builds a nest of cinnamon and ignites it with a thunder-accompanied wing beat. In the flames it burns itself to ashes, leaving a glowing egg in its place. From the egg comes a new, young and strong Phoenix, to begin life anew.

Like the phoenix, we cleanse ourselves in the fire to arise again and again, each time a new version of ourselves.

For millennia, people sit around campfires are fascinated by the eternal dance of the fire. For the fire means warmth and security, but also exchange, stories and togetherness.

At The Phoenix Fire Convention

The Firespace

In the Firespace WE are the dancing flames and thus can direct the movement of the untamable element. Firespace is where we channel that chaos into dancing with the flames.

A hub of storytelling

The Phoenix Fire Convention also aims to be a hub for sharing, dancing, joy and storytelling for those who feel connected to the element of fire, want to dance with it or just want to spend a wonderful time with wonderful people. The origin, appearance, religion or job of the participants does not matter, because we are all children of the Phoenix this weekend.

A platform to develop together

This is a community of fire and flow artists to share ideas and make friends, The participants create the event together. We are here to celebrate the art form together, though the sharing of knowledge, the meeting of hearts and the dance of the flames.

We all emerge from the ashes We are Phoenix

Fire is power, passion, love and destruction in many cultures.

The power of flame

The passion in the eyes

The love of dance and flow

The destruction of that which holds us back