The Idea:

The concept derives from the name. The element fire stands for all kinds of things in different cultures all around the world, but almost everywhere it is associated with power, passion, love and destruction.

That’s what we feel when we sit around a Firespace and watch the dancing flames or even become a flame.

The Power, which the fire gives us, the passion that can be seen in all the glowing eyes, the love for motion and dance, as well as the destruction of all our evil thoughts and feelings.

What could symbolize this primal force, this primordial spirit of change and life better than the phoenix? 

The Phoenix is a mystical firebird that has found its place in many stories and legends for millennia. 

Legend has it that at the end of his long life he builds a nest of cinnamon and ignites it with a thunder-accompanied wing beat.

 In the flames it burns itself to ashes, which leaves only a glowing egg in the end.

 From this egg slips a new, young and strong Phoenix, to start a new life cycle.

Like the phoenix, we let ourselves be cleansed from the fire and thus arise again and again in ourselves to give ourselves back to the flames … For millennia, people sit around campfires are fascinated by the eternal dance of the fire. 

The fire means warmth and security, but also exchange, stories and togetherness. 

The magic of a Firespaces looked at in a similar way, only that WE are the dancing flames and thus can direct the movement of the untamable element. 

The Phoenix Fire Convention also aims to be a hub for sharing, dancing, joy and storytelling for those who feel connected to the element of fire, want to dance with it or just want to spend a wonderful time with wonderful people. 

The origin, appearance, religion or job of the participants does not matter, because we are all children of the Phoenix this weekend. 

Here, all these ‘fire people’ will find a platform to develop together, to exchange ideas and to make friends. 

Any idea and/or other form of contribution, you are the con and without you it would not take place. We hope you feel as powerful, charged and content as we are afterwards.


We all emerge from the ashes, We are Phoenix!

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